Hives from viral infection (flu). How long does widespread hives last on a person?

Hives from viral infection (flu). How long does widespread hives last on a person?

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To the best of my memory,they should last no longer than one week.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!There Are 3 Major Sets of Hives Causes

There are various hives causes which include food items, bacterial infections and diseases but in primary instances the cause of hives is undetermined. There are actually 3 major sets of hives causes and they're the following.

1. Idiopathic Causes - hives that have undiagnosed causes just take place instantly and welts visible on the epidermis.

2. Immunological Causes - hives resulting from various adjustments in the immune system like once the cells from the body's defense mechanisms are in contact with a substance that could induce the release of histamine through the white blood cells called mast cells.

3. Nonimmunological Causes - hives caused by straight exposure to specific compounds will cause release of histamine. It does not include other parts of the defense mechanisms.

Prescription medications can result in hives nonetheless, only about 15% of hives are caused by prescription medications. If it's a hypersensitive reaction to prescription drugs, hives will most likely show up after 1 day or so right after taking the medicine. Prescription antibiotics are common causes.


Radio contrast dye, morphine, codeine, and aspirin causes hives but they are not activated by the defense mechanisms. These medicinal drugs result in the direct discharge of histamine through the white blood cells called mast cells.

For many people certain foods often trigger hives. But an allergy to certain foods is certainly pretty uncommon at roughly only 1% of hives conditions. Whether it is food or food ingredients that really produce hives is controversial. The majority of people think their hives are caused by food additives like Salicylates, Benzoate and Fish Albumin and they try to avoid them.

If ever the factor for hives can't be determined, more probable it can be infection. Viral infections from the upper respiratory system lead to about 50% of hives. But this tends to also disappear when the problems clear up. Sinusitis, as the chronic bacterial infection can be quite a reason behind residual hives.

People with hives want to find out what influence them so that they can eliminate them and entirely free themselves of the unsightly spots as well as the displeasure of itching. The list earlier mentioned is not exhaustive but it really provides the major groups. The majority of hives causes are idiopathic. Some can get rid of the factors that cause their hives by themselves. But remember that it's always advised that you ought to talk to your doctor or professional health care provider just before any treatment for hives.

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