How Long Does A Viral Infection Last?

How Long Does A Viral Infection Last?
So I went to the ER on Sunday because I was throwing up constantly; which is odd for me because I haven't thrown up in like 12 years. The doctor said I had a viral infection and I've been on pain and nausea meds since then. I'm wondering how long viral infections typically last?

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It depends on what type of viral infection you have. Some can last for several days while more severe ones (like HIV) can last for a very long time and never go away. However, the average viral infection will last for usually 1-2 weeks. It seems like your viral infection isn't so severe, so I'm guessing a 1-2 weeks hopefully. Maybe even a few days! I know it's hard, I've been there. Just hang in there and you'll get better real soon. :)

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